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Jesus Makes the Difference Ministries is the host of The Worship Center; a weekly worship experience that takes place every Saturday morning in New York City. JMDM provides valuable ministry and support to churches and pastors locally and globally. Our goal is to encourage, enlighten and empower the body of Christ so that it can execute it's kingdom responsibilities with excellence.
Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom....
luke 12:32

What Year Is It? 2020, 5780 or 6000?

The Advent of Day Seven

The answer to this question is revealed in the proper interpretation of Genesis 1:14. This revelation is the key to understanding this season of global rest. We are actually in the midst of a divinely imposed Jubilee and the world doesn't understand it. YHWH is executing a global economic reset and it is incumbent for the body of Christ to rest in His providence. Be at Rest, be Revived and be Restored!

Apostle Byrd will continue the extraordinary series: "Covenant Confidence" for the balance of this year. Join the online worship experience and see what you've been missing! There is something special waiting for you at The Worship Center!

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