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The Revelation of Abundance

A few weeks ago, during my morning walk the Lord spoke to me as I was admiring the trees. He said that if you want to comprehend abundance from my perspective don’t count the trees, count the leaves on the trees! Whoa, that statement got my attention.

More recently, as I was taking a drive and meditating on those same trees, I heard the Lord expand on that revelation of abundance again. He said, “Look again, there is more to the revelation of abundance in these trees.” He said, in a few months these leaves will fall to the ground and die but that is a necessary process that relates to abundance. You see the leaves that die in the fall will reappear in the spring. This is representative of true abundance. Anyone that walks in the revelation of abundance never worries about going broke due to expenditures. They realize that expenditures are a part of the process. Never fear that when you “release” the abundance that it will not reappear. Abundance flows in a cycle of release and replenishment. Therefore, when you are walking in abundance you are never distracted by expenditures (falling leaves). Your confidence is in that fact that the branches are in place, and they will reproduce at the appointed time. So, as I continued to drive and meditate on this, I heard more.

When a person is walking in abundance, they also understand that many trees also produce fruit. Although the leaves die the tree has also produced fruit which contains seeds which are designed to create more trees. So, there is never a time that the abundance is in jeopardy of disappearing completely even if the tree goes through a season of barrenness. Abundance is designed to be perpetual. Seed is the key to multiplication not addition. Abundance comes from understanding multiplication. With each season you can position yourself for the next cycle by continuing to plant new seed. Furthermore, even in the barren season the tree is still rooted in soil. Now the soil contains the essential nutrients to maintain the health of the tree even in the winter months. For you and I soil is the heart of and soul of abundance. The nutrients are the Word of YHWH. A steady diet of the Word keeps your heart and soul in a position to produce at the appointed time. But as you know, the soil need rain from time to time. The nutrients are essential, but the rain is necessary. The rain represents that which is divine. Revelation comes from YHWH by the Holy Spirit. If there is no divine revelation (rain) the nutrients alone will not be enough to restart the cycle and the tree will lose its vitality. Every season of abundance must include revelation from the Holy Spirit. He rains on your situation and tells you what to do to replenish in the next season because every season is different.

The abundance that the Father wants His children to walk in is beyond our comprehension! The next time you are walking in a park or driving along the highway and you see a hillside full of trees, think about the abundance that is designated for you. Think about those thousands upon thousands of leaves blowing in the breeze. Think about the process whereby they are produced, preserved and replenished. Think about how regardless of the outside elements they continue to survive and thrive. And then think about what you must do and how you must be positioned to prosper in ways that are beyond your comprehension. This will be your revelation of abundance!

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