The Center is an apostolic kingdom focused ministry designed to facilitate presence driven worship, prophetic impartation, kingdom instruction, apostolic counsel and restoration for the remnant. It will be a dynamic worship station for believers to frequent for revelation, recalibration and release.

The Center will provide a weekly worship experience for those seeking a deeper and more intimate understanding of worship and the kingdom via teaching, preaching, and prophecy. These experiences will include manifestation of the Presence, participation of the worshipper, instruction for the worshipper and encouragement for activation in other branches of the body of Christ, (i.e., local church, para-church organization or personal ministry).

The Center will focus on the future direction of worship for the body of Christ, seasonal insights, and personal instruction for the advancing disciple. The Center will add value to the maturing disciples via intense impact seminar sessions and prophetic gatherings.

The Center will serve ministry leaders and maturing disciples who are seeking to be challenged. It will empower those who desire expansion in their understanding of kingdom mandates, kingdom insights and kingdom paradigms.

The Center will be a launching pad for disciples who are passionate about their participation in the kingdom of G-d locally and globally. It will help to educate, train, and develop disciples for release into various areas of local church ministry.

The Center will have a global infuence via the apostolic ministry of Nathan R. Byrd. It will serve as a vehicle for Apostle Byrd to advance the kingdom by facilitating ministry conferences in third world regions around the globe, such as Southeast Asia, India, Africa, South and Central America and other areas as the Holy Spirit leads and open doors.

The Center will be a valuable continual resource for all pastors, prophets, evangelists, ministers, teachers, musicians, singers, leaders of all denominations and cultures. We will seek to enhance and advance the body of Christ by the power of full expression of the Holy Spirit.