The Worship Center NYC is a division of JMDM, Inc.

The Worship Center NYC is not a "church" in the modern church context.

TWC is an apostolic kingdom focused ministry designed to facilitate presence driven worship, prophetic impartation, kingdom instruction and apostolic counsel. It will be a dynamic worship station for believers to gather for restoration, transformation, fellowship and impartation.

TWC will provide a weekly Sabbath worship experience for those seeking a more intimate environment for worship and a deeper understanding of the kingdom of God via teaching, preaching and prophecy. This experience will focus on the manifestation of His Presence, participation of the worshipper, instruction for the worshipper, encouragement and empowerment for implementation in every area of daily life.

TWC will focus on the future direction of the body of Christ, seasonal insights, and personal instruction for the developing disciple. TWC will add value to maturing disciples and leaders via intense impact seminar sessions and prophetic gatherings.

TWC will seek to serve the ministry gifts (prophets, evangelists, pastors, etc.) in the body as well as mature disciples who are seeking to be challenged. It will empower those who desire expansion in their understanding of kingdom mandates, kingdom insights and kingdom paradigms.

TWC will be a launching pad for disciples that are passionate about their participation in the kingdom of God locally and globally. It will help to educate, train, and develop those disciples so that they can be released into their ministry gifts and calling.

TWC will have a global influence via the apostolic ministry of Nathan R. Byrd. It will serve as a vehicle for Apostle Byrd to advance the kingdom by establishing worship centers abroad as well as affiliated ministries and facilitating ministry conferences in third world regions of the globe, such as Southeast Asia, India, Africa, S. America, and other areas as the Spirit leads. The ministry will value the gift of the apostle and underwrite and support the international ministry itinerary.

TWC will seek to galvanize 1000 worshippers of every nationality, culture, language, race and background to be welcomed into the presence of the Lord as an immediate objective.

The Worship Experience

The Experience will primarily take place on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings online.

The Experience will be a Presence driven environment designed to embellish the power of unrestricted worship and expose the new worship paradigm to those who are seeking a deeper understanding of the corporate worship experience.

The Experience will be inspired by the Holy Spirit and will be Christ centered.

The Experience will be prophetic in nature and will include spoken word instruction by Apostle Byrd or other anointed speakers.

The Experience will largely omit the liturgical practices and restrictions found in a typical church service.

Impact Sessions

A component of TWC will be high impact sessions.

These sessions will take place as scheduled and by registration/enrollment.

They will feature an anointed, seasoned ministry vessel that will teach and minister for 111 hours in a specific area of ministry.

The impact Session will be designed for the specific purpose of "shifting paradigms" in the body of Christ.

The sessions will deal with theological and secular world views and assumptions that have crippled the body of Christ or limited the impact of the kingdom.

The Impact Session will be designed for the deliverance and release of the participant into a new dimension of understanding, authority and power.

The Issachar Gathering

TWC will feature an annual gathering of disciples for the discovery of "What now, What next?" for the body of Christ.

The Issachar Gathering will take place at the beginning of the Sacred New Year (March/April) to coincide with the Passover. (As scheduled)

The Issachar Gathering will feature a myriad of prophetic and clarion voices that are anointed and endowed to speak a word in season to the body of Christ.

The Issachar Gathering will focus on giving precise direction, inspiration, and information that is unique to the body for that time.

We Welcome You to Become A Covenant Partner

To view the covenant agreement and become a part of the Worship Center family, click the link below.  Once you view, send an email to JMDM and request a copy of the agreement for you to sign and return to the ministry.