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Capitalism vs. Kingdom-ism

The Untold Story and the Impending Crisis

During this unprecedented era of global crisis, many are speaking about a new normal that includes the dismantling of the most normal part of human existence; socialization. Without community gatherings, common touch, close connections, and intimacy, humans become inhumane. Yet the reality of such an existence has to be negotiated in an environment where your best friend can potentially be your poison.

However, if you have been following and listening closely to my insights, I don’t believe that you should give this “new normal” preeminence in your thoughts. The best thing I have done throughout this crisis is insulate myself from onslaught of fearful and dreadful narratives so as to build a mental and spiritual barricade of protection. This enables my mind and spirit to receive fresh oil from a divine reservoir of love and peace. So my focus is slightly different than most.

With that being said, I’ve had my eyes trained on the kingdom that most aggressively opposes the kingdom of G-d. For all intents and purposes that is the kingdom of mammon. Matthew 6:24 helps us understand how mammon better known as money, contends for our attention and affection. As a result the pursuit of it typically draws us away from our loyalty and love of the Father. Presently, we are in an unprecedented crisis in the form of a virus, but it has everything to do with the love of money.

Leading up to this global recession world leaders, technologically savvy nations, industrialized countries, and even developing countries were beginning to gloat about the invincibility of their economic prowess. The ingenuity and resourcefulness of the world and it’s ability to create billions in currency has become the god that wakes most people up every morning. Capitalism is no longer an American ideology, it is a global ideology. But the average person that engages in the process of capitalism doesn’t understand it fundamentally.

Capitalism is fundamentally an economic system based upon supply and demand of goods and services. The operative words being “supply and demand” which means it is not a guaranteed economic system. Firstly, since humans are involved, its bound to be exploited on either side. The manipulation of supply or demand will cause the system to become lopsided at some point. Secondly, capitalism has inherent risks. It is not designed to only move in a positive direction. Simply stated when demand shifts there will be a downside risk. Until now, we have been watching an impossible capitalistic environment continue to go in one direction. Most were not aware that this was unsustainable from a natural and a divine perspective. In the natural, when “demand” is being supplied by debt instruments from the common credit card (@24% interest) to the national debt (which has swelled $2 billion since the writing of my last blog 8 hours ago) one-directional capitalism is a falsehood. The truth is capitalism is designed with risk that allow it to advance on some occasions and retreat on others. Right now it should be collapsing. However, because we are addicted to the success of our capitalistic system in the U.S., we have engaged the Federal Reserve Bank to print more paper and sell it other countries and private billionaires to give the appearance that capitalism is dominant and always successful.

This is in direct opposition to G-d’s divine economic system which I call kingdomism. This is the financial system that He gave to the children of Israel to practice before they entered Canaan. Part of it is outlined in Leviticus 25 in which we see the description of the Jubilee year. First let me emphasize that YHWH wanted the children of Israel to be wealthy in every aspect of their lives. From finance to spirituality. This divine economy was based on the ideology that you love and trust YHWH first for all provision. It included making a profit, debt, supply and demand, and the use of employees. But it also included, sacrificial offerings, empathy, times of rest, and the periodic resetting (revaluation) of the financial scales. In this economy every seven years everyone entered into a rest period and every 49/50 years everything and everyone was released and the economy was reset. In this kingdom economy you would not have the opportunity to love money. Kingdomism is designed around YHWH as the centerpiece.

What we are experiencing now is a divine global resetting of the economy and its not over yet. Neither a government stimulus, the Federal Reserve, opening up the country, or free money in the mail will have any affect on what G-d is doing right now. Right now the earth is getting some relief from man’s constant overworking it. Who would have imagined a day that we would not be using oil to this degree? Or that we would not be spending money on miscellaneous entertainment like sports, concerts and public amusement? Or that hospitality and services would not be utilized? This is G-d revaluating the global economy. After this flight attendants, waiters, celebrities, corporate giants will all be kinder and gentler as they try to get you to part with your money again. Oh how the mighty are falling!

As Adonai gets the worlds attention, we who represent the body of Christ should be careful to maintain a consistent and passionate love for the Lord of the Sabbath. We must understand and practice His economic system. We must remember that with G-d there is always an untold story that’s not being talked about by any elected officials or newscasters. That story is reserved for His prophets to proclaim so that His people will know the times and the seasons.

Shalom, NB

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