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Day Seven

Passover 2020 will forever be etched in my memory. It has been shrouded by a global health scare, a global recession, a global sabbath and a third super moon. While most of the world admittedly has no idea what’s happening or why it’s happening, because it has come about so suddenly; the body of Christ must be uniquely informed and positioned.

The global stoppage of life as we know it should invoke investigations and not just queries. The creation is presently waiting eagerly for the revealing of the sons of G-d. (Romans 8:19) This is the hour of our revealing if we are able to respond authoritatively. We must function under the auspices of the sons of Issachar, by understanding the times and knowing how we ought to govern ourselves. Unfortunately, most of what is being said at the moment is more directed towards getting back to normal than abandoning normal. Therein lies our biggest pitfall.

Presently, we are in a divine Jubilee while we are approaching Adonai’s 7th day. The G-d of Heaven is giving the world sufficient time to acknowledge Him before He imposes a more stringent judgment. Genesis 1:14 is key to the understanding of the times and seasons. G-d sets three different lights in the firmament. The sun, the moon and the stars to serve three different purposes; the separation of day from night, signs and seasons, and days and years. The correct correlations should be: the sun for day and night (24 hour periods), the stars for signs and seasons (constellations), and the moon for days and years (30 day months/360 day years). Presently due to our sun centric (pagan) culture, we have miscalculated our years by using the sun as the measure for a year rather than the moon. So by the Jewish calendar we are in 5780 and by the Gregorian calendar we are in 2020. However, by the lunar year we are presently 5999 from creation. What makes this even more compelling is that this would mean that we have entered Adonai’s 120 Jubilee (120 x 50=6000) and He has imposed a divine season of rest on the entire globe.

This present Passover would also represent the transition into the year 6000 as Exodus 12:2 clearly states. What must be understood before I go further is that according Genesis 1, 2 and Hebrews 4:10; there are only 7 days for YHWH and then He rested from “all His works.” The days that come after are for man. Furthermore, 2 Peter 3:8 makes it clear that each 1000 years is a day for G-d. This would mean that the year 6000 is the end of day 6 and 6001 is the beginning of day 7! Now according to Genesis 1, G-d made man on the sixth day. So as we close out this glorious millennium of man (flesh), YHWH is about to have His day, which is His Sabbath.

Most modern Christians are not aware of the utter importance of the Sabbath day, however consider 2 Chronicles 36:15-21. It is not just another day to G-d, it is divine order. It commemorates His rest and our observance of the glory and splendor of all that He has done on the previous six days. Which automatically invokes our worship and adoration of the maker of heaven and earth.

During this divine Jubilee we are seeing the inhabitants of the earth come into a sudden rest. We will see every kingdom bow and be diminished in value and influence. We will see a famine (recession), the redistribution of wealth, cancellation of debt, the revaluation of everything that was overvalued, the release of prisoners and slaves, and the balancing of the scales. The sons of G-d will in earnest begin to prepare for the emergence of the 7th day. For those who will take heed to this and other revelations that are yet to come, they will prosper and flourish at the same time that others will be frustrated and struggle. This closing year of the 6th millennium should not be taken lightly. Heaven is desperately trying to get man’s attention at this time. Man is trying his best to continue with business as usual. Yet the shaking has begun and anything/anyone that has a faulty foundation will crumble under the pressure. This is an opportune time to release yourself from yourself and submit to His authority. Keeping in mind the words of Isaiah 55:8, 9; as we cannot comprehend His ways or His thoughts.

As you meditate upon these truths allow your heart to be open so that you can abandon unfruitful religious piety and embrace the glory of this season and His kingdom.

Shalom NB

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