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Passover to Pentecost

Finding Adonai in the Season of Uncertainty

We have now experienced 3 super moons in 3 months each coinciding with a Jewish celebration or holiday. The last of which was the all important celebration of Passover. Since we know (by divine revelation) according to Genesis 1:14 that the moon is the time measurement for “days and years” we must be mindful of the timing of the moon and YHWH’s divine timetable. As we have now entered the year 6000 from creation, we must interpret like the “sons of Issachar” what is next on the horizon.

One of the things that stands out to me in this season comes out of Exodus 16:22 and Leviticus 25:20-22. In both of these contexts G-d informs the children of Israel that the day/year preceding the Sabbath/Jubilee He will give them double/more than enough to carry them until the “rest” season is over. This is an awesome display of G-d’s faithfulness to those who honor His rest. So when Israel was in the wilderness the Lord would bless them with enough manna on the 6th day to feed them on the 7th day! This would also manifest prior to the Jubilee and continue until the year after the Jubilee. In other words there would be a double and triple portion without any human effort!

This is key because presently I believe we are in a divinely imposed Jubilee. We are also in the closing moments of “Day 6” or the sixth millennium which would mean that the people of G-d are entitled to a double/triple portion overflow in this season. This will happen supernaturally, while the natural economy is in confusion the Father will release more than enough on His people. The key here is to understand that this is without human effort. To attempt to manipulate this by your own hand would be devastating to your personal economy. This is the hand of YHWH and we will see it and glorify Him in it.

The children of Israel left Egypt on Passover night. Passover is also the time of the barley harvest. When Israel entered the promised land the first harvest (the day after Passover) would be the barley harvest and they were to give the firstfruits of that harvest to the Lord. Then they would count 49 days until the next harvest which was called the Feast of Weeks also known as Pentecost. This would be the harvest of wheat and they were to bring a firstfruit offering at this time also. What’s powerful about these two harvest is that the barley harvest was considered the poor man’s harvest because barley was mostly used to feed the animals. However, the wheat harvest was considered the rich man’s harvest because that’s what bread was made from. YHWH’s design for His people was to go from a poor man’s mentality to a rich man’s mentality in the space of less than 50 days. Go from slavery to land owners in a little over a month. Shift from the being the tail to the head in an instant. Go from “not enough” to “more than enough” in the same season!

I share these insights with you because there is a secret behind this crisis that you need to position yourself for. Adonai is Lord of the Sabbath and the Jubilee and we are presently experiencing both. This might be the demise of many high and mighty persons, who ruled their kingdoms well. But now is the time for the saints to be released from bondage into divine liberty and receive a double and triple portion for their faithfulness to His kingdom! This season is more about your personal economy than you realize. I am expecting financial freedom as a result of this divine move of G-d. The Lord will favor you, just as He favored the children of Israel upon their exit from Egypt. Make your transition spiritually and mentally so that you will be prepared for all that He has for you as we transition from Passover and Pentecost!

Shalom, NB

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